When such a new fairytale begins.

Hello there!
Well, we know nobody probably reads this now, because it's just a new blog with no followers or posts. But if somebody reads this at the time when people know us and know this blog, we want to say one big thank you to you!
We've been searching around so many bloggers' beginnings and uh... we found out that beginnings are never easy or cool.
So let's have it done here and start!

Why we decided to start a blog?
N:  I had a blog before, but I didn't feel like posting there anymore. Don't get me wrong, please! :) I loved my ex-blog with all my heart, but I felt like I need something new, something more. And so I asked my sister to join me in having a new one, more about fashion, more about clothes. Of course I'll keep posting pictures about my life and advantures, too. But let me show you that people in our country (which we haven't mentioned yet, it's Slovakia) can also look chic and fashionable.
I hope you will click on this blog everytime you need some inspiration, some help or just make a nice day. ♥

P:  I find so many things beautiful in my life and I want you to know about them, I wanna share them with the whole world, and that was the reason to only say YES! when my sis asked me to join this. Have you ever found all that inspiration and beauty around you, while sitting in a car and looking out of the window? Have you ever smelled old books, felt water running on your skin softly while you were swimming in a pool, or enjoyed movements made of winter blowing under your skirt? Have you woken up smiling, while the birds were singing? Have you ever found out your "reason for breathing"?
Well, I hope this blog will help you to breath, to smell, to feel more. I hope you find our work useful. Let's start!