Hello sweathearts! :) It's saturday and it seems like it's going to be another hot day here in Slovakia, when you should go swimming, sunbathing and don't forget to drink a lot. But I was thinking maybe it's a last chance to put on a summer dress, floral skirt or shorts without wearing cardigan and tights with it, beacause as I heard weather is going to change in next days. But for now enjoy summer as much as you can and wear your favourite summer clothes as often as you can! 

Took this on Wednesday when sun was too bright and it was really hot outside so we were sweating so much! I got this  Nirvana t-shirt as a birthday present from my friends which I felt like wearing it with a skirt and red lipstick (I felt like it was a right time to try it). Naty, a photographer, borrowed me her skirt, which perfectly fit me and was not bad in a combination with the tee. What do you think of this outfit?